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A contractor building the new Aberdeen bypass has been issued with a £280,000 penalty for polluting two of Scotland’s most important salmon rivers.

The Aberdeen Roads consortium was responsible for a series of silt pollution incidents on the rivers Don and Dee along with some tributaries.

The incidents between 2015 and 2017 stopped construction in the area for several weeks.

It is the biggest case since the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) was given penalty powers without the need to take companies to court.

Zwanny Ltd offer silt curtain booms that can be used in conjunction with a conventional containment boom, when there is a problem of sediments drifting in the water caused by dredging, construction work in ports, rivers or lakes.

These materials are often drifting at a greater depth than usually covered by the skirt of a containment boom.

The silt curtain has a 2000mm (alternatively 4000mm and 6000mm) high skirt and comes in stretches of 25m.

It is made of a polypropylene fabric and reinforced with a highly resistant PET fibre, which due to its drainage capacity and allows water to pass through while efficiently retaining the sediments.

The boom is made in the Spanish Lamor factory.

Zwanny Ltd can ship this directly to your company.

For further information or to discuss any silt curtain requirements, contact:

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