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Maintaining Safety And Reliability Of Marine Cranes With Brimmond’s Refurbishment Service

North-east Scotland based engineering specialists, Brimmond, have established an enviable reputation for providing a reliable range of services on marine cranes including: inspection, repair, maintenance, refurbishment and testing services across multiple sectors.

With over 7 decades of experience between them, their fully-qualified team of engineers and technicians have a proven track record in looking after equipment around the globe. 

In recent years Brimmond has worked closely with the naval services, refurbishing 7 of their marine cranes to date.

Case study – Naval services crane refurbishments

Given that naval offshore patrol vessels are consistently used within a marine/offshore environment, they are subject to the effects of extremely harsh sea conditions over many years, resulting in the costly purchase of replacements.

Brimmond were contracted by a client in the Naval Services, looking to explore cost-effective refurbishment solutions as an alternative option. We were required to provide refurbishment services for a number of their deck marine cranes, ensuring that they remained operational and safe at all times. 


A full strip down repair is the most cost-effective alternative to purchasing a brand-new replacement. Brimmond’s experienced team accurately assessed and explained the level of refurbishment the client’s budget would achieve. 

Brimmond have both the industry knowledge and engineering ingenuity to refurbish and enhance marine cranes, while maintaining  their classification, certification and OEM requirements. The team made a raft of improvements, and added the most up-to-date supplementary systems and safety devices. 

The firm’s structured procedures also ensured streamlined processes and efficient turnaround times, ensuring they achieved the objective of safeguarding repaired equipment to operate reliably, safely and back to ‘as new’ condition with an increased lifespan.

Project outline

  • Inspection and function test (on test bay);

  • Crane tested, stripped and inspected;

  • Shot-blasted, NDT & painted as per offshore Norsok M-501 system;

  • Cylinder rods re-chromed and cylinder barrels honed;

  • Pins/bushing removed/replaced;

  • Electrical boxes upgraded with stainless steel IP rated type;

  • Improved centralised greasing system and maintenance schedule;

  • Assembled reliably and safely back to ‘as new’ condition.

Brimmond Facilities

Large fully equipped modern workshop with in-house design and fabrication capabilities;

Purpose-built fabrication and welding workshop increases useable floor space in the main workshop, and ensures a clean working environment;

On site custom test bed specially designed for testing marine cranes and associated equipment;

Lloyds inspector reviewed refurbishment documentation and witness equipment being tested on test bay;

Dedicated workshop area, including 2 x 20 tonne overhead cranes for crane refurbishment scopes.


Onsite and offshore Brimmond technicians provided for the install and commissioning on vessel;

Crane and HPU electrical/hydraulic system fully inspected to insure all appropriately set-up;

Final load test performed with Lloyds third-party inspector onsite to review documentation;

Brimmond provided calibrated instruments, including torque equipment, load monitoring instrumentation, test weights or water bags;

Onsite fluid cleanliness testing provided when required (particle analysers, chemical analysis kits and inline contamination monitors).

Get in touch to find out how our cost-effective refurbishment services can help your organisation to maintain safe and reliable lifting operations in the demanding marine environment: 

+44 (0)1467 633805


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