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The Portbin Tide Is Now Present In All 4 Countries Of The United Kingdom

Zwanny’s (Spilltech) marine litter collector is in demand with further on-going projects for new Portbin tide locations in The UK.

The feedback is very positive as a number of people from port authorities and marina’s can see and understand that the Portbin tide is a standard packaged product whereby no frame or cradle is needed to hold and keep the unit in the water. The Portbin has a number of settings to adjust to allo wit to be used in the correct water level and the unit can be supplied with a buoyancy aids to deal with any waves.

With the current legislations on the horizon, and the aim of looking after our waters, the Portbin tide will be compliant and only need 230v to collect plastics, cans, fast food wrappers and each will have a capacity of 30l. The waste collected ends up in a basket with holes in it.  This allows small marine life to swim in and out.

The Portbin tide is a family of 3 - the shallow being 90cm minimal depth,  the standard with a 120cm depth and the XL that will only need 120cm depth but has got a 1000l capacity to collect marine litter (in a net).

Why not get in contact with the Zwanny team to discuss your requirements or come and visit their stand E14 at Seawork 2024 in Southampton.

+44 (0)1633 968 083


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