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Jenkins Marine’s has continued its investment in new equipment and services recently with the purchase of a new Hyundi R480LC Excavator to upgrade and eventually replace the services of the current 35 ton machine.

The excavator was supplied with a custom made 7.5m dipper arm and has a larger bucket and reach than the machine it replaces making it faster, more efficient and cost effective for dredging and similar operations.

The longer reach of the new dipper arm allows it to dredge over 1 metre deeper than before. The standard factory fitted short arm is also available increasing the versatility of the excavator for jobs such as rock placement; and the reliable, fuel efficient, Cummins Tier 4 interim & EU stage III B engine is low emission and low noise reducing any project’s impact on the environment.

Jenkins Marine Director Dan Jenkins said: Our latest investment in new equipment demonstrates our continued commitment to stay up to date in both the technology and services we offer to our customers.

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