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Demon International are one of the leading manufacturers of high pressure cleaning products. One of only a few UK companies manufacturing in the UK, they have been in business for over 50 years.

There range includes petrol and diesel machines as well as the latest development in LPG along with their bespoke Saltwater solutions.

Demon have been working with marinas, boatyards, dockyards for decades and created a solution to offer a robust cleaning system that can use saltwater without effecting the pump.

The Award winning Hurricane Combi is one of the saltwater machines developed by Demon. The revolutionary and innovative machine is the ultimate tool for cleaning walkways pontoons and slips and is now being used by customers in the UK and overseas. Since its launch it has gone from strength to strength and is now available with LPG engine to combat emission.

The Combi is a flat surface rotowash cleaner with a pressure washer, allowing the user to wash flat surfaces such as pavements, walkways, cobbles and more using a high pressure cleaner and then quickly and easily converting to a pressure washer for cleaning boats, ships, machinery and apparatus with the addition of a lance. What’s more the Combi is fast and efficient and is the ideal solution for dockyards, marinas and boat yards.

The Combi is revolutionary for high pressure cleaning of flat surfaces and is especially important to maintain high levels of cleanliness as well as keeping certain areas clean and safe from potential slip hazards. Denbigh Council now have multiple Combi’s on their fleet for carrying street cleaning as part of keeping public areas safe to avoid injury. Many Facilities Management companies also use the Combi for cleaning shop and supermarket car parks. Transporting the machine is relatively easy in comparison to other solutions, making it the first choice for high pressure cleaning.

Another huge benefit is the Combi will also work as a standalone pressure washer by attaching a lance, ensuring that the operator gets the best of both worlds.

David Walke, Sales Director at Demon said; “It has been great to see companies both nationally and internationally purchasing the Saltwater range with not only the combi but the Hurricane range of pressure washers as well.”

Demon also manufacture the Hurricane and Storm Saltwater pressure washers both come with a galvanised frame and stainless steel pump and fittings to stand the rigours of time. Most recently Demon launched its latest innovation in green cleaning with the LPG range. With current emission laws being DEMON INTERNATIONAL tightened and the increasing cost of fuel, the LPG engine offers a creditable alternative. The new Honda GX 200 Gas engine offers the market a green alternative to petrol.

Here are some of the benefits for the new LPG range:


Better performance in low temperature.

No fuel vapours. Lower carbon emissions.

No soil/water pollution.

Better performance in long term storage.

Lower noise.


No choke, no warm up necessary in cold weather.

No vapours when filling or storing.

Typically lower CO/CO2 emissions.

No over filling or pouring out as it is a gas.

No fuel deterioration.

No debris entry to the mixer.

1Db reduction in noise to 82Db.

We see the future of engine powered machines to be required to be much more efficient and the emissions reduced drastically. It also the case that fuel costs will rise and restrictions in fuel carrying be increased. Demon International is again leading from the front in green options for customers offering products designed for now and the future.

Demon International have a network of distributors across the UK who demonstrate the Demon range of high pressure equipment.

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