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C-790 ‘ONDULI’

Astilleros Armon has recently delivered one Azimuth Tractor Tug for Namibian Ports Authority (NAMPORT). Armon had won an International bidding procedure for the supply of two Twin Tractor Tugs and C-790 ‘Onduli’ is the first of its series. Designed and developed by Armon at their headquarters in Navia, Asturias. The Tug was delivered in November 2017.

The Onduli has a great maneuverability thanks to the forward position of its propellers, a main characteristic of this kind of tug.

Onduli is configured to accommodate ten people, divided between six cabins on two decks.

On the main deck there are four cabins, each one having its own bathroom, These cabins can be divided into one of two types - single or double cabins.

On the port C-790 ‘ONDULI’ side there are two single cabins (Captain and Chief Engineer cabins), in front of these there are two double berth cabins (One for crew and the other for two Officer/Engineer).

Below the main deck, in the forward, there are the last two cabins, both of them are made for two crew. These cabins don’t have their own bathroom so they have to share one - placed between the middle of them.

On the main deck, just beyond the cabins, is placed the gallery and mess room with a capacity for eight people, both of these rooms are fully equipped with all necessary items, including a TV in the mess room.

Another particular of this vessel is that it has two different towing winches, one in the forward which works also as a mooring winch, and the main winch in the aftwards. This special combination makes the Onduli a very versatile Tug.

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