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Sealite UK offers a comprehensive range of class leading marine aids to navigation (AtoN) products and services.

Our dedicated team of highly experienced marine aids to navigation experts and engineers can assist you with all your AtoN needs whether that’s a simple lantern or buoy supply, design of a complex turnkey solution and or one of the complimentary service we offer below:

• Maintenance, Repair and Servicing of AtoNs

• Buoy and other AtoN equipment rentals

• AtoN control and monitoring

• Project Management

Sealite has the unique advantage of designing and manufacturing in-house its extensive range of Aton products thereby controlling the quality at every stage of supply chain from design inception to supply and aftermarket support.

Marine Lanterns

The Sealite range of solar LED Marine Lanterns, designed to

meet IALA recommendations offer superior visibility, require minimal maintenance and have service life of up to 12 years. With visible ranges of 1NM (1.8km) to more than 21NM (35km), the lanterns are ideal for a range of applications. Features include built in GSM, GPS and for selected lanterns AIS and Blue tooth technology, which allows for remote configuration and maintenance via your phone or tablet.

Port Entry Solutions

The Sealite range of LED Port Entry, Range and Leading Lights are typically installed to indicate a clear line of passage allowing the mariner to easily distinguish shipping channel entrances, safe passage through hazardous waters and assist with large vessel docking.

Marine Buoys

Sealite buoys are available in a wide range of configurations and sizes. Manufactured from rotationally-moulded, UV stabilised polyethylene, they are designed to offer a low-maintenance, high visibility solutions to marine navigation. Suitable sizes are available to suit the aquaculture, small marina, river, port/harbour and wind farms markets.


Sealite UK supplies a full range of traditional mooring chains, sinkers and accessories to suit client needs. Synthetic lightweight environmentally friendly solutions are available as an option to using traditional chain.

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