A new generation of highly advanced interface and energy management technologies, designed to deliver significant performance improvement benefits for vessel operators, will be previewed by Royston at the International Tug, Salvage & OSV Convention and Exhibition (stand 88).

The new V2 enginei interface heralds a significant step-forward in easy-to-use, seamless reporting capabilities, and is a welcome addition to Royston’s advanced fuel monitoring technology enginei, which provides comprehensive data analysis and reporting options.

Featuring a smartphone mobile interface and new API (application programming interface) capabilities for full integration with company management platforms, the system delivers improved speed and performance control via a customisable dashboard for operators looking to cut costs.

Royston’s new concept in vessel energy management

will also be showcased at ITS. A sensor-based monitoring system, enginei VEM provides real-time information about energy distribution around a vessel at the touch of a button, providing critical performance data and helping operators to maximise efficiencies and deliver beneficial savings.

Damian McCann, Product Manager at Royston, said ITS will provide an ideal platform to showcase the new technologies and gather user feedback.

"Our new added value technologies will give operators a competitive advantage, while safeguarding compliance with IOC requirements and aiding vessel performance in a changing environmental legislative landscape."

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