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C-Tecnics has developed another high performance video system for the commercial diving industry

Joining their range of subsea video control systems is an economical and reliable system for diver video and communications monitoring, ideal for a range of diving industries such as inland, civils and fish farming.

The E-Vision offers DVR-based diver video recording and playback from a built in dedicated hard drive, as well as LED lamp intensity control and an external audio-in function allowing diver communications to be fed in to the system and recorded with the video. On-board file management allows for files to be easily transferred to external storage via USB. The 15’’ integrated LCD monitor provides a clear, anti-glare display during live video and playback, and when used with C-Tecnics CT3015 Camera and CT4006 LED Light provides an exceptionally high quality picture via up to 300 metres of C-Tecnics camera and light umbilical. The rugged Peli Case housing ensures the E-Vision is easily transportable and suited to the harshest conditions on any dive site.

C-Tecnics are an Aberdeen, UK based video and communications systems manufacturer whose harsh environment products are used in a number of applications found in the inland and offshore diving, nuclear, military and marine science markets.

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