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Dockyard magazine picks the brains of Angela Clark, Managing Director of Fife Digs – provider of contractor and serviced apartments in Fife and the surrounding areas. Fife Digs provides an array of specialist property services across a wide range of sectors.

Q: So straight to it! Tell us a bit about your background and how long have you been involved in Property Management?...

A: Wow how do I begin! I started off as an estate agent almost 15 years ago, having built a relationship with a number of landlords in Fife we spotted a gap in the market and an opportunity for serviced accommodation in Fife for the ever expanding contractor market.

Q: Where, how many and what type of properties do you manage?...

A: We currently provide almost 200 units, from single rooms, shared accommodation, to executive apartments.

Q: Do you have a typical renter/ customer?...

A: The provision has changed so many times since Fife Digs was formed almost 5 years ago. We deal with small one man companies who need digs for as little as a week up to corporate clients who will be working on larger projects that require accommodation for 100+ contractors for 12 months or more.

Q: What differentiates Fife Digs and makes you stand out?...

A: Our thinking at Fife Digs is that working away from home shouldn’t mean giving up on home comforts, this is why we provide everything, Clean sheets, fresh towels, WIFI, regular cleaning. This along with our committed team provides what we believe is the best service available.

Q: What is your communication response time for owners and tenants and via what means?...

A: Over the past 5 years we have created a fantastic relationship with a large network of cleaners and maintenance providers. This enables us to respond to all requests, from something as small as replacing a kettle, to accommodating a large project very quickly. All communication is

managed via email and telephone 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

Q: How is the market place currently and has the ming Brexit had an impact at all?...

A: Like most companies who rely on contractors, they travel the length and breadth of the UK and also across Europe. We have seen a change in the market with far fewer contractors traveling from mainland Europe. With this in mind we have been able to ensure our stock of properties evolves to meet the needs of the companies and individuals who are winning work on current projects. We have also expanded in a way that incorporates individual contractors contacting us directly, as well as dealing direct with their employers. In short whatever the impact Brexit has on British Dockyards, we at Fife Digs will ensure that we carry on providing the very best standard of serviced accommodation to our customers.

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