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Baltic Workboats built a wave piercing hybrid patrol vessel that both protects the environment from oil spills and cuts fuel consumption thanks to innovative hybrid electric propulsion. The ship will also be used also for patrolling, firefighting, and search and rescue missions in the Baltic Sea.

Diesel, diesel-electric and fully-electric patrolling The wave piercing hull concept makes it possible to deliver the most stable, safe and crew-friendly patrol vessels in the industry. The Patrol 45 Hybrid vessel is 44,6 m long and is equipped with cutting edge new technology for fulfilling SAR, surveillance, fire-fighting, oil recovery, buoy tendering and transport duties.

The hybrid propulsion plant provides a maximum speed of 27 knots, while economic cruising speed is 10-12 knots with a range of 3 000 nautical miles. Parallel hybrid power system supports the ship’s two main engines with a smaller diesel-engine-driven power plant and electric machines coupled to main engines by gearboxes. The hybrid electric system generates electricity when running at speeds of up to 27 knots, providing power to vessel electronics, as well as storing this power in batteries, and, vice-versa, also enabling fully electric propulsion at up to 10 knots. The vessel’s highly-compact propulsion system is half the size of a conventional diesel-electric propulsion system, due to its smaller, highly-efficient and lightweight magnet machines, which feature synchronous reluctance-assisted permanent magnet technology. The hybrid propulsion cuts emissions, maintenance and fuel costs.

In the event of a SAR or special operation it can deploy its 7 m workboat and Rescue Runner.

The vessel will have a crew of 10 persons, although 18 persons can be accommodated onboard when a larger crew is required for longer missions.

Stabilizing fins and an anti-heeling tank are installed to reduce anti-rolling effect and increase the ships seakeeping capability. For advanced mission control the ship is equipped with dynamic positioning system and OSD radar.

The noise levels in the wheelhouse at full speed a lower than 60 decibels. These features combine the most sophisticated patrol vessel concept in the industry.

This is the biggest patrol vessel built by Baltic Workboats and first in the range of electrical patrol vessels. Baltic Workboats is constantly improving existing fleet range. All BWB workboats can be customized according to the customer’s specific need and requirements.

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