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Proteum, UK & Ireland distributor for OXE Diesel, announced at Skipper Expo International Galway 2019 that the new OXE 125 and 175 additions to the OXE Diesel product portfolio are now available in stock for fishing and commercial marine customers. The extended portfolio, launched in November by manufacturer, Cimco Marine, offers 125HP, 150HP, 175HP and 200HP options to meet a range of user specifications.

Proteum exhibited the OXE Diesel, the world’s first high power diesel outboard, at the show. With over 200 units in service with high intensity users, OXE has proven its reliability and cost effectiveness in a wide range of applications. “Our in service data shows OXE’s higher acquisition cost is recoverable after only 1500 hours or 12 months operation when compared to an equivalent petrol outboard”, says Neil Taylor, Head of Sales at Proteum.

The OXE Diesel is a cost effective alternative to petrol in total cost of ownership, benefitting from lower fuel costs, higher working efficiency, lower maintenance and ease of sourcing compared to petrol. OXE 150 uses up to 40% less fuel than a modern 150HP 4-Stroke outboard giving it an extended range, significantly increasing operational time between refuelling. Diesel’s lower volatility also makes it a safer option than a petrol alternative.

The new OXE 125 suits heavy duty use by small fishing vessels and Oil & Gas marine field users. It also offers tax advantages in certain regions. OXE 175 offers an alternative to OXE 150 users who require either a high top speed ora heavy load carrying capability with high and low torque gear options.

OXE uses a unique belt driven propulsion system, which allows a hydraulic multi plate gearbox to be mounted. This enables the gearbox to handle significantly higher loads than a traditional outboard engine.

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