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The SMS Group, one of the country’s leading ship repairers and marine engineering services providers, has secured two very important contracts with Trinity House.

SMS has an enviable reputation as specialists in ship repair, marine engineering and major fabrication projects in the commercial marine, defence and superyachts sectors. The business also operates, in-house, a diving and sub-surface marine engineering division.

The culmination of many months work has seen the SMS team in Lowestoft secure both the refit of the Trinity.

House Vessel (THV) Alert and three publicly tendered ‘Lots’ with regards to mechanical and electrical maintenance.

James Grala, the General Manager of SMS Lowestoft, said “We’ve won both the mechanical repair, maintenance and service contracts for vessels located on the East Coast and the West Coast.

We’ve also won the electrical repair, maintenance and service contract for vessels on the East Coast. The former contract covers Harwich and Swansea and the later just Harwich. These wins of ‘Lots’ 1, 2, and 3 provide a clear example of our capabilities and experience.”

He added; “SMS is all about the people, from our colleagues in the dock bottom to our senior management team.

“We’re working very well together and we’re delivering a good, economically priced, product to all of our customers.

“As a business we care about ‘lifetime value’ so to have a key, Tier 1, customer like Trinity House entrust us for three years of works is a fantastic place to be.”

Nicholas Warren, Commercial Director of the SMS Group, said: “The longevity of relationships is so very important to SMS.

“The team in Lowestoft really are exemplary. Long-term relationships with Trinity House, Boston Putford, ABP, and many others are crucial to the continued success of the site.

“Our business, not only in Lowestoft, but nationally, is built upon our people and their own endeavours to go the ‘extra mile’.

“The culture that we nurture is customer centric and all about repeat business; James and his team in Lowestoft really do care and they’ve a very positive history of delivering on time and on budget.”

In addition to the publicly tendered ‘Lots’ the Group has also completed a routine refit/package of works onboard THV Alert.

At 39m long, she is fitted with a range of high specification survey equipment. With DP1 dynamic positioning, a service speed of 15 knots and a maximum speed of 17 knots, THV Alert can be deployed primarily to cover the South East coast where she is able to respond rapidly to any maritime incident.

Additionally, THV Alert can be utilised as a research platform with her large working deck that can be used for deployment of scientific equipment and sampling work.

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