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Survitec to Retrofit Canada’s MCDV Fleet With Novenco X-Flow Water Mist System

Survitec’s Novenco Fire Fighting (NFF) X-Flow water mist system will be retrofitted to Canada’s Department of National Defence (DND) 12-Kingston-class maritime coastal defence vessels (MCDV), to address a known firefighting deficiency.

SNC-Lavalin, as the prime contractor for the maintenance of the vessels, contracted Survitec’s partner in Canada, Don Brenton’s Fire Protection, to carry out the work.

The first two MCDVs – Goose Bay and Brandon – have taken delivery of the NFF X-Flow total flooding water mist system, designed for the protection of Category A machinery spaces. Installation is expected to complete this year.

Retrofit installation to the remaining ten vessels is scheduled to follow delivery of the systems currently under construction by Survitec Fire Solutions, Poland.

Mark Baines, Survitec Vice President, America’s, said: “This is a significant contract for Survitec in that it marks the first Canadian reference for Survitec’s unique water mist system. We are delighted that DND has opted to utilise the NFF X-Flow system, which offers significant advantages over traditional high-pressure water mist systems.”

The Kingston-class of MCDVs, commissioned in the 1990s were designed with open case funnels which make the water mist system the ideal solution in this application. Water mist systems are fully capable of extinguishing a shipboard fire within a given protected space despite exposure to atmospheric conditions.

There is a market preference, however, to move away from high-pressure water mist systems, as Stephen McAfee, Survitec Director, Strategic Partnerships, explained.

“We are seeing a trend for low-pressure systems since they are less complicated and less expensive to install and maintain. Operating at about 14bar (203psi) the NFF X-Flow system does not require high-pressure pumps, piping, or ancillary support systems, which significantly reduces installation costs and power consumption. The system itself has a smaller footprint, compared to high-pressure systems, allowing for easier retrofit and newbuild installation.

“With our unique X-Flow nozzle the same technically defined parameters for water mist droplet size and fire-fighting capability can be achieved at low-pressure, but without the safety risks presented by high pressure systems.”

Certified according to SOLAS chapter II-2 and IMO MSC1165, the NFF X-Flow water mist system was added to Survitec’s portfolio twoyears ago, following the acquisition of Wilhelmsen Maritime Service.

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