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Reich’s Highly Durable RCT Coupling Takes The Heat And Improves Reliability

As a world leader in the design and manufacture of drive couplings, it’s not uncommon for REICH-KUPPLUNGEN to be presented with interesting and diverse challenges. When the company was asked to develop a coupling solution capable of operating reliably in an environment with temperatures reaching 115 degrees centigrade, the solution was a combination of the field proven RCT coupling with a special high temperature resistant elastomer.

The coupling solution developed by Reich enhanced the smooth running of the floodwater pump engine and also significantly improved reliability.

Fire service safety equipment must meet three simple criteria: it must be suitable for transportation, require little maintenance and operate reliably within extremely arduous conditions.

The most recent challenge for Reich came from a manufacturer of floodwater pump engines, with the specific objective of developing a coupling for a mobile floodwater pump used by the Fire Service. Reich were approached after several other coupling manufacturers had offered their solutions, which were subsequently assessed and ultimately deemed “not ideal” in terms of reliability.

When in use, a floodwater pump’s engine is capable of running continuously for up to 15 hours on a full tank of fuel. Consequently, materials heat up due to the high duty cycle of the equipment, and the coupling solution would be required to operate reliably, even at the elevated temperatures that can be achieved during extended operation.

The solution developed by Reich was based upon their already successful RCT coupling with the company’s ST rubber compound, which is resistant to high temperatures. Also, thanks to the absorption properties of the elastomer used, the Reich coupling not only enhanced the smooth running of the floodwater pump engine, but significantly boosted reliability.

With a history spanning over 70 years, REICH-KUPPLUNGEN has built up unrivalled expertise in the design and manufacture of drive couplings for use across a wide range of industries and applications. The company has earned an enviable reputation not only for the quality and performance of their product range, but also for their ability to provide application and customer specific solutions through the company’s D2C (Design to Customer) philosophy.

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