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Dales Marine Services Complete Their 2019 Apprentice Intake

An impressive total of 28, all ready to secure their future in the Company’s growth

This is further demonstration of how Dales Marine Services value their highly skilled workforce, and are demonstrating their desire to develop and maintain this strength. This intake consisting of engineers, fabricators, and welders across the Company’s operations at Aberdeen, Leith, and Greenock, plus a pipefitter and electrician further boosting the Greenock numbers. These new employees will enjoy a 4-year modern apprenticeship combining on site Company training, and block release at selected colleges local to their Dales Marine Service facility.

Mark Massie, HR/QHSE Manager, who has been managing the Company’s apprentice recruitment programme confirms that this year’s apprentice intake represents a long line of Dales Marine employees that have completed their Scottish Modern Apprenticeship with the Company. Dales Operations Managers are responsible for the apprentices on their Site, and are pictured here with their new apprentices.

Dales Marine Services are experiencing steady growth across all their operations – in both existing and new markets, and with an extensive service offering including:

• Dry Dock Servicing;

• Structural Steelwork & Fabrication;

• Repair & Maintenance;

• Vessel Mobilisation & Demobilisation Services;

• Mechanical Engineering/ Diesel Engine Overhauls;

• Ship Lay-up and support services.

This growth in the Company’s business will help secure a bright future and successful career for these new apprentices, and all their colleagues.

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