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Introducing The New Maestrini Bronze Ball Valve

ASAP Supplies are ever expanding their range, with their latest addition coming from Maestrini. The new Bronze Ball Valve is available in sizes from ½" to 2" BSP and features a polymer ball. All other components that are in contact with saltwater are made from Bronze (body, coupling, stem and gland).

Available in 1/2" to 2" BSP, Contains a polymer ball, Adjustable handle to invert the direction of movement solving interference problems, Drain plugs for winterisation

The new bronze ball valve has drain plugs to make winterisation simpler. The handle can be repositioned to invert the direction of movement, solving installation issues. The valve will also be available with position sensors and flange mounting.

With ASAP’s extensive industry knowledge and their commitment Introducing The New Maestrini Bronze Ball Valve to customers, ASAP believes this new ball valve will be a great addition to their range.

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