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Thuraya Highlighted Remote IoT Connectivity at OilComm 2019

Thuraya Telecommunications Company, the mobile satellite services subsidiary of the Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (Yahsat) participated in OilComm 2019, the Houston based event for oil and gas professionals to explore trending innovations in the communications and digital industries. At the two-day symposium, Thuraya displayed its top satellite solutions for land and offshore energy applications, besides seeking new partners to expand its growing IoT/M2M ecosystem.

Shawkat Ahmed, Chief Commercial Officer elaborates: “Thuraya extends the possibilities of smart connectivity – covering machine learning, automation, tracking and monitoring – to ever more remote and harsher environments - on land and at sea.” Faced with challenges on numerous fronts, global energy players are looking to streamline their operations to stay competitive, maximize revenue and reduce environmental impact. Shawkat continues, “Oil and gas operators urgently need sustainable solutions to regulate uptime, productivity and total cost of ownership. With an advanced M2M portfolio featuring per byte billing, dual mode Sat-GSM option, Satellite IP data and circuit switched connectivity; we cater to all fixed and mobile use cases.”

Supplying always-on IP connectivity, Thuraya enables smart connectivity for remote operations on a wide range of protocols such as narrowband IP, circuit switched data and voice over IP (VoIP). At OilComm 2019, the company introduced an upgrade of its highly successful T2M-DUAL solution that was originally designed for fleet management and logistics. Facilitating simultaneous data collection from both fixed and mobile assets, the IoT/M2M terminal now supports a wide range of applications such as rail tracking, SCADA and pipeline monitoring, smart grid and metering, security, surveillance, weather station monitoring, hydro and environmental management.

In addition, Thuraya showcased a new fleet of solutions that deliver the reassurance of constant connectivity on offshore platforms, including oil rigs and petroleum tankers. The VSAT+ is an all-weather, high-bandwidth service that caters to complex operations such as office-at-sea, crew welfare, vessel databases, cargo conditions reporting, chart and software updates. Benefiting from a strong alliance provided by Thuraya, ITC Global, iDirect and Hughes, it provides Ku-band VSAT with critical L-band back up so that services are available at all times.

Designed specifically for harsh maritime environments, Thuraya SeaStar meets the evolving needs of small-scale operators. The SeaStar solution offers voice, SMS, data and tracking, on an easy and intuitive interface, based on the Android operating system. It is ideal for smaller and medium vessels, although its appeal also extends to other operators looking for support systems. Visit our website for details on Thuraya’s services as well as its partner program that offers exciting opportunities for commercial growth.

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