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Shockwave S5 Marine Suspension Seating

Now available through Landau UK, the Shockwave S5 has arrived to revolutionise the recreational boating market. It is an affordable marine suspension module that can be installed in virtually any boat, immediately transforming it into a smoother, safer and more comfortable ride. Once installed, your boat will be transformed into an experience like you have never had before.

The key benefits of the Shockwave S5 Marine Suspension Seating include:

• Protects boaters from the shock of wave impact;

• Genuine comfort with the Corbin 2 seat, FOX Shock absorber and military-grade components;

• Longer days on the water with less impact on the body;

• Travel further with less physical fatigue;

• Extends the long-term health of boaters.

Simple Robust Construction With Minimal Parts

The S5 can be installed in virtually any boat and can pair with almost any seat.

Looking for something specialist, get in touch with the team at Landau UK and they can help you choose the right Shockwave product for your boat.

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