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Coremo IDMS 1000N Hydraulic Space‑Saving, Single Thruster Brake Now Available from Alltorq

A new Coremo space-saving, single thruster hydraulic brake is available from UK industrial brake, clutch, and motion control specialists, Alltorq Limited.

This new IDMS 1000N hydraulic single thruster brake is particularly compatible with winches and any heavy marine and industrial applications that have space constraints, or where there is need for a space-saving brake solution.

With highly compact dimensions that make the IDMS 1000N single-thruster much smaller than double-thruster brakes, it features a modular spring pack that can be configured to achieve the required braking forces. The active body of the brake contains the spring pack, with the brake fixing bracket located on the machine frame. This means that the brake controls are very easy to access, and operate.

Four oil drain ports facilitate both vertical and horizontal brake mounting, and the location of the brake’s integrated mounting bracket makes installation and maintenance very simple.

The new IDMS 1000N also features an axial brake adjustment system that enables drive misalignment to be overcome. This means that the end‑user benefits from a vibration and noise-free drive.

Available in five torque options, from 8kN to 48kn, and featuring inductive sensor wire pad wear indicators and a failsafe system, it operates in temperature ranging from -10°C to +100°C. It can be also be used outside, as long as exterior working specifications are met to avoid damage from the elements. The IDMS 1000N is fully interchangeable with Svendborg applications.

Download the free IDMS 1000N brochure at

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