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4PL Provider Marinetrans Partners With Environmental NGO Justdiggit

Maritime logistics providers Marinetrans andBest Global Logistics have sealed a deal with Justdiggit, the non-profit ‘regreening’ NGO with offices in Amsterdam (NL), Nairobi (Kenia) and Arusha (Tanzania). The sister companies state that this collaboration is a good way to turn their recently formulated ‘Going Green’ mission into practical results.

Carbon monitoring tool

According to Marinetrans, monitoring customer’s carbon emissions is the start of a more sustainable future, both in an environmental/social sense and an economic/business sense. Therefore, Marinetrans has developed an accurate monitoring tool to calculate CO2 emission associated with sea freight, road transport and air freight, and a carbon reporting service for shipowners, offshore operators and ship management companies. Marinetrans and Justdiggit will work together to offset carbon emissions, aiming to make a positive social and environmental impact.

Nature‑based solutions

Justdiggit is a non-profit organisation dedicated to landscape restoration programs enabling vegetation to grow (back) sustainably and flourish in the drylands of Africa. According to The Nature Conservancy, it says on Justdiggit’s website, 37% of the climate problem can be solved by applying nature-based solutions. So far, the organisation has restored 300,000 hectares and brought back 9+ million trees, working with local famers and supported by international businesses to fulfil their mission of re-greening Africa over the next 10 years to help cool down the planet.

Steven Forsberg, Managing Director of Marinetrans Group, says: ‘’We are excited to partner with Justdiggit, who are dedicated to mitigating climate change through a systematic and practical approach; something we can relate to in our organisation. The same goes for realising that connecting with your stakeholders is key to getting results, both in decarbonisation and in door-to-deck logistics. It’s also appealing that Justdiggit deploys proven regreening techniques, such as harvesting rainwater in bunds, tree restoration projects and developing grass seed banks in Africa’s dry areas. At Marinetrans we see the necessity of acting sustainably – and so do more and more of our clients. With Justdiggit at our side, we can make a step in the right direction and offer the benefits to our clients in the shipping industry as well.’’

Carbon Offset Program

As a 4PL provider, Marinetrans already aims to make global transport movements as efficient as possible. With the launch of their customer Carbon Offset Program the goal of providing the most sustainable transport has been added to the mix. To make this practical, Marinetrans and its 3PL partner BGL have formulated a Going Green mission, an umbrella statement to set an industry example and serve as a jumping platform for the companies’ current and future solutions to make global, time‑critical logistics more sustainable. It also opens up the possibility for clients and suppliers to join and further develop their own sustainability goals, using Marinetrans’ toolbox.

With the new Carbon Offset Program, Marinetrans will be able to offset all direct CO2 emissions on behalf of the participating clients in the next years when handling their logistics and freight services. When delivering ship spares from door to deck Marinetrans offsets their own emissions too.

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