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Cygnus – More than Simple Corrosion Inspection

Cygnus Instruments was born in the marine industry, working alongside ship surveyors and commercial divers to this day. Four decades on, this knowledge of the industry and its challenges is second to none. Cygnus are now world renowned as inventors of easy to use, highly accurate ultrasonic equipment, from corrosion inspection to leak detection on vessels of all sizes.

Workboat Corrosion Inspection

The Cygnus Surface Range is built for inspecting possible corrosion onboard vessels, and to combat the challenges this presents. These lightweight, compact, hands-free gauges are shatter- proof and water-resistant (IP67). Plus, twin-crystal, and right-angle probes increase flexibility for tight, awkward spaces, whilst Cygnus’ Multiple-Echo technology measures through coatings, eliminating the time and cost of removing anti-corrosive coatings.

Cygnus 2+ and 4+ multi-mode gauges suit varying levels of corrosion and through-coat measurement. Cygnus 4+ has a large colour display allowing users to see and record thickness readings and associated A-scans. A-scan (a visual representation of the ultrasound in the material) can be used to verify readings. Cygnus’ Measurement Stability Indicator (MSI™) gives further reassurance, quickly confirming stable, reliable measurements, avoiding hesitancy.

Cygnus 6+ Pro is the most advanced model, boasting an array of intuitive features, including three measuring modes, live A-Scan, B-Scan, and Radial Points function for further investigation on heavily corroded areas. The A-Scan display allows visual verification of back-wall echo signals and manual adjustment of gain. What’s more, 6+ has a comprehensive data-logging feature that records your measurements for hassle-free reporting and post-analysis.

Dry Bulk Carrier Leak Detection with pinpoint accuracy

Ships pay a high price if dry cargo mistakenly contacts water, causing huge concern within the shipping industry as the damage and cost is often significant. Cygnus have applied their knowledge of the marine industry and ultrasonic expertise to a different angle; a fast, effective method of evaluating cargo hatch covers and watertight seals to determine water leaks and weather tightness. Cygnus Hatch Sure Ultrasonic Leak Detector is ABS type approved, accepted by P&I clubs and cleverly, conducts inspections with cargo in place.

In place of hose testing, Hatch Sure is an environmentally friendly, vastly more efficient option for bulk cargo carriers. The powerful, robust transmitter contains 19 ultrasound emitters (40 kHz) with 6 selectable pre-set power levels to adjust to the scale of the test area, including confined spaces. For such spaces, this is an extremely lightweight, easily transportable unit, with a rucksack-style carry case or use of built-in neck and wrist straps for hands-free operation.

Cygnus Hatch Sure and Surface Gauge Range have a 3-year warranty.

To learn more, visit the Cygnus Hatch Sure page,, or the Surface Range page,

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