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Cygnus’ New Underwater Gauge Takes Subsea Challenges In Its Stride

Professional divers are all too familiar with the challenges subsea environments present.

The latest model of the Cygnus Underwater, an incredible advance on its predecessor, has a host of smart new features, specially designed to operate seamlessly in severe, hostile conditions, simultaneously accomplishing greater accuracy and usability.

Measuring through coatings, and now, heavy corrosion

The most noticeable update (aside from a fantastic new look!) is the Cygnus Underwater’s switch to a multi-mode gauge. Incorporating Single-Echo and Echo-Echo modes gives divers more scope for testing varying levels of corrosion. Echo-Echo suits measuring heavily corroded metals through thin coatings (i.e., coated metals with heavy back wall corrosion) while Single-Echo mode is ideal for measuring uncoated metals with heavy front and/or back-wall corrosion.

This is valuable for ship hulls, which suffer severe corrosion, particularly above the waterline, due to exceptionally corrosive deposits from evaporating seawater spray. Furthermore, the Cygnus Underwater saves marine vessels covering needless miles to reach dry dock and experiencing downtime, by facilitating UWILD or IWS Class Surveys

whilst ships are enroute.

Where corrosion is high risk, protective coatings are quick to follow. Ships, but also offshore platforms and other marine structures (piers, jetties, canal locks, subsea pipelines and equipment) are often coated, yet not 100% protected, and still need testing.

Although not new to Cygnus Underwater, the Multiple-Echo mode remains the best method for verifying accurate through-coat measurements, specified by Class Societies. Paired with Cygnus’ Deep-Coat function, measuring through coatings up to 20mm thick, this is the ideal solution for vessels and structures coated against harsh, abrasive wave action of deep seas.

Minimising the duration of risky dives

Cygnus Underwater’s new large, bright colour LCD screen displays results clearly and instantly. In dark, awkward or confined spaces with low visibility, these highly visible results save valuable time, getting divers in and out of risky areas quickly. To instil confidence in testing heavily corroded metals, Cygnus’ Measurement Stability Indicator (MSITM), confirms stable, reliable measurements by changing the digits green.

The physical design of the gauge is also built for speed. 3 quick function keys and an intuitive menu offers simple and fast operation.

As well as safety in speed, knowing your location and avoiding disorientation is key. Cygnus Underwater is the first Cygnus gauge with a Depth Sensor, displaying an accurate, constant live depth indication.

Managing data efficiently

Recording large volumes of data logically, in such challenging environments, may seem an impossible task. Firstly, Cygnus Underwater’s Real-Time Clock automatically tags the time and date to measurement points to make tests easily identifiable.

Secondly, multiple optional additions to the gauge are designed to manage data, hassle free. Comprehensive data-logging, available with the PRO variant, saves measurements with A-Scans and depth automatically, via Auto-Log. Another option, Topside Repeating via CygLink (a Windows® based application for computers), shares continuous A-Scan and measurement data at the surface, and is easily exported for report presentation or printing.

Cygnus Underwater is available to PRE-ORDER. Look out for updates on our social media and website for the official release date!

To learn more, visit the Cygnus Underwater page: Scan the QR code to get a quote.

Get £200 off using code DY2023.

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