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DLM Develops Impressive Product Portfolio for the Cable Laying Industry

DLM are excited to announce their new partnership with Dunlop as an official global distributor of the 18" Dunlop Tyre, commonly utilised by the Cable Laying Industry. With DLM already having a comprehensive portfolio of products and equipment for the Marine and Offshore industries, the addition of the 18" Dunlop Tyre provides an opportunity for customers to purchase these items from stock.

Dynamic Load Monitoring UK (Ltd) are specialists in the Marine and Offshore industries, as well as Offshore Wind,

Oil & Gas, and Lifting & Rigging sectors. DLM can offer a key ‘one stop shop service’ to Offshore Cable Laying companies needing to mobilise quickly for impending projects. Consequently, the new partnership with Dunlop Aircraft Tyres will strengthen DLM’s ability to provide a world leading service to the Cable Laying Industry.

Clayton Redhead, the Director of Global Business Development for Dunlop’s Aircraft Tyre division says, “Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Limited (DATL) is pleased to announce our distribution partnership with DLM to utilise our 18" aircraft tyre for cable laying applications. This is a tyre with high load capacity due to its aircraft design characteristics and has been identified by DLM as being a perfect solution for the high demands of the cable laying environment. DATL believes DLM to be a perfect route to market solution for this product with their wealth of knowledge and valued customer base in the cable laying industry.”

Furthermore, DLM’s Global Business Development Manager, Jamie Woodcock adds, “We are very pleased to be working with Dunlop officially and privileged that they have selected DLM to support their sales. This particular product is seen as the market leader and we have sold hundreds in the past, for use on LCE’s (Linear Cable Engines). With Dunlop’s support and our well established customer network, we are looking forward to increasing the usage of these tyres globally, within the cable laying industry. The renewables market is very buoyant at the moment, with huge growth potential into the future. DLM are well positioned to continue to be a key equipment supplier to support this growing industry.”

If you would like to find out more information regarding this editorial, please contact our Global Business Development Manager, Jamie Woodcock.


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