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Further Order for Mob20 Marine Absorbent Boom

A major international company ordered another 1000m of Zwanny’s MOB20 for a major project that is going on in Scotland. It started with the supply of a couple of packs, but soon it became clear that the Zwanny MOB 20 is performing very well and does what it states on the tin.

Not only is the MOB20 one type of boom marine absorbent boom that Zwanny keep in stock, it is 100% UK manufactured and made from 100% recycled polypropylene.

The MOB20 has a strong roping along the entire length of the boom and the inner core is spun bound polypropylene, not only, to give that extra strength to the boom, but also not to cut production corners, whereby other products are used for the inner core (newspapers or even chicken feathers!).

The normal sizes are 20cm x 3m long and would absorb over 80 litres a section. We are able to offer longer sections if needed.

The boom will only absorb hydrocarbons and no water and they still retain buoyancy and barrier effect even when fully saturated.

The boom can be used on fresh water applications and will work well in ports/marina’s as well as being used for offshore applications.

When your company/port is looking for further booms that might be required why not get in contact with Zwanny to discuss your marine boom application.

+44 (0)1633 968 083


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