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Hose Assembly, The Hydroscand Way!

Established for more than 50 years, Hydroscand Group operates in 20 countries and employs more than 1,500 people. In all operations, Hydroscand combine quality tested products, their own hose assembly machines, and thorough assembly process to maximise consistence and quality.

Between all parts of the group, they make more than 6,000,000 hose assemblies every year, so know about crimping!

Quality Products

Hydroscand offers a complete range of hoses and fluid components. Quality is of utmost importance to Hydroscand, and their products undergo rigorous testing in their laboratory before reaching the market.

Hydroscand offers a wide range of both high- and low-pressure hoses and hose assemblies for all application areas. Beyond hoses they also have all types of hose couplings, adapters, fittings, ball valves, crimping machines, measurement equipment, filters, central lubrication systems, pneumatic technology, and a variety of related accessories.

In their own internal test laboratory, Hydroscand have combined industry experience with top modern testing facilities. Before a new product reaches the market, it must pass a series of tough product tests to ensure the integrity and performance of their products.

Hydroscands Own Crimping Machines

The company’s knowledge and experience give Hydroscand Machine AB a unique understanding in the production and development of their large range hose assembly and hose workshop machines. These machines are used extensively in Hydroscand branches and production lines, as well as by customers across the world.

Hydroscand machines are built to be as reliable, innovative, and environmentally friendly as possible. They are easy to use, ergonomically designed and, of course, made to meet a high international safety standard corresponding to European CE and UKCA guidelines.

Their range of crimping machines starts with H16P, a truly portable crimper with crimping range up to 45mm. Operated with a hand pump and weighing only 10kg, this is the ideal choice for service vehicles and occasions on-site repair work.

At the other end of the spectrum, the H120CTS offers crimping range up to 87mm and the ideal for high volume production. The digital control panel offers the facility to save/load specific settings and logs details of finished crimps.

Thorough Hose Assembly Process

When crimping hoses, it is crucial to achieve insert bore collapse. If there is not enough bore collapse, that means that the ferrule and fitting could be loose and may blow off when the hose is in use. Too much collapse could restrict the flow and could equally cause the hose to fail prematurely, or in the worst case to burst.

Using the swage dimensions provided, the ferrule and hose are crimped.

Several manufacturers will provide swage dimensions but not recommend the use of bore collapse gauges.

However, at Hydroscand they make sure that the correct internal collapse has been achieved by using a bore collapse mandrel, technically known as insert bore collapse gauges or “go/no go” gauges. All of Hydroscands branches, HoseExpress vehicles and production facilities work this way, meaning consistent quality of hose assemblies is achieved.

To contact Hydroscand, visit:

0115 978 9759


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