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Inspection in the Harshest Subsea Environments

Following the well-received introduction at the Oceanology International, the Cygnus ROV UTM Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is becoming popular and renowned as the only ROV UT Gauge with live A-scan!

Designed for Class surveys and subsea inspection, repair, and maintenance (IRM), it is a valuable solution to challenges within;

  • Marine structures;

  • Oil & Gas platforms;

  • Offshore wind turbines;

  • Underwater pipelines;

  • Civil engineering.

Going deeper

The surge in demand for energy is sparking fierce competition for space for production platforms.

Offshore wind farms are one of the biggest competitors, and sights are now set on floating structures in deeper waters. With no obstructions to hinder its power further offshore, stronger winds are good news for turbines. Ironically, it is also their downfall. Combined with rougher seas, corrosion grows fiercer and faster.

Cygnus’ 40-year experience working alongside the marine industry has established an expertise in these very harshest of subsea environments, and their equipment is recognised for withstanding them. The highly-intelligent Cygnus ROV UTM, depth-rated to 3,000m, with ruggedised construction, is no exception.

Weighing up the costs

The energy industry dominates our subsea structures. With demand soaring, working round the clock has become the norm to maintain productivity. However, if production rates are key, why not embrace the practice that ensures machinery runs at its most efficient?

Preventive Maintenance (PM) plays a crucial role in protecting equipment from the more devastating cost of equipment failure and unplanned machine downtime. NDT inspection in hostile conditions requires a specialist workforce and equipment, both in short supply and at a cost! Using efficient, accurate and reliable inspection equipment helps minimise time and therefore reduce money spent on these specialisms. Cygnus ROV UTM has an extra trick up its sleeve. Cygnus’ Multiple-Echo technology facilitates accurate through-coat measurement, specified by Classification Societies, eliminating the time and cost of removing protective coatings.

What’s more, Cygnus ROV UTM can do its valuable work behind the scenes, leaving production in full swing. It is particularly beneficial for ships and Mobile Offshore Units (MOUs) as In-Water Surveys (IWS) or Underwater Inspection In lieu of Drydocking (UWILD) surveys can be carried out by ROV in place of conventional drydocking.

Through CygLink software and data-logging capability, it is possible to map out a maintenance history, prioritise inspection on weaker areas and forecast repairs. This is elevated by the advanced visual analysis and measurement verification of Live A-scan.

Protecting your workforce and the environment

Substances posing a risk to the environment and the workforce are common in marine infrastructure. Underwater pipelines for example, must be regularly checked for cracks and potential leaks. Cygnus ROV UTM with the P50 Probe Handler is ideal for this task, cleverly designed to self-align the high-performance piezo-composite probe onto straight pipes and accommodates different pipe diameters.

For more information visit, call +44 (0) 1305 265533 or email

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