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Introducing JW Fishers’ New Proton 5 Marine Magnetometer

Make JWF part of your team; the next generation of underwater search is here!

JW Fishers has specialized in the design and manufacture of underwater search equipment for almost 50 years. We were proud to release our new magnetometer

last year. We listened to our customers and have designed a 5th generation magnetometer with many new features;

  • The system is fully digitized and displays the current 5-digit measurement on a new easy to read 6-inch LCD screen that is backlit for night operations. Up to 80 of the previous measurements are displayed graphically in a history plot on thescreen. User friendly menus allow easy configuration of all operation settings.

  • System tuning is now possible directly from the control box. The new “auto tuning” feature greatly simplifies set-up when operating in different locations. This will allow the user to quickly tune the magnetometer without having to disassemble and manually configure the device.

  • With the optional altimeter, the towfish distance from the ocean bottom is displayed on the LCD screen.

  • A unique feature of the towfish is its ability to be separated into two parts so that it easily fits into a watertight Pelican® case for storage and transportation.

Every new Proton 5 has been fully factory and field tested and is almost ready to operate; all you need are two 12v batteries (car or marine type) for power and locally sourced fluid for the proton sensor. After cabling up the system, deploying the towfish, and turning on the power, an auto-tuning routine is entered via the display’s

user interface menu system on the6" LCD screen. The routine selects the optimum system tuning for the area that you are operating in. After a few short minutes, once the tuning routine is complete, you will not need to re-tune unless you relocate the system to a different area. The system automatically enters the operating mode when the auto-tuning routine has completed. From here, you are ready to begin your search! Operators may enter the user interface menu system at any time to change settings for cycle time, sensitivity, detection alarm, history graph, and manual or automatic tuning.

The base system includes a 200-ft depth rated towfish, 150 feet of Kevlar reinforced tow cable, and a topside control box. Optional USB data output and Tracker 3 mapping

software are available which allow the magnetometer readings to be displayed and stored on a laptop computer. Target position is displayed and recorded on the computer along with GPS coordinates. An optional Microsoft Surface® tablet can be mounted in

the control box lid which streamlines the system and eliminates the need for a separate laptop computer.

The Proton 5 was debuted at the 2017 DEMA Show, the largest diving exhibition in the U.S., which is attended by thousands of industry professionals including commercial salvage companies, law enforcement, and public safety dive teams.


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