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Is Your Port/Harbour Doing Its Bit for Marine Pollution?

Marine litter is one of the current pollution issues that are often in the news and even on a number of TV programs especially plastic litter.

One of the questions you might have is, is our port/harbour doing its bit to collect this litter? Some ports have got a number of staff “fishing” in a small boats in and around the port with a net to “catch” marine litter. There are a number of other clean ups taking place in fishing ports and there are a number of applications for government grants that will be available for further port improvements.

You might ask yourself is there a better way? And a more cost effective way of dealing with this current problem of marine pollution?

The Portbin tide is an ideal product not only to collect fast food packaging but also plastics and pieces of nylon rope, netting, and plastics. The Portbin tide is now used in several European and UK ports.

The Portbin tide comes is 3 models (shallow, standard or XL) that can be adjusted to suit the area where the unit would be used in. The Portbin tide does not require a cradle or frame it just can be put into the water – Zwanny only suggest to use a bit of rope to moor the unit.

The Shallow and standard model has a 30 Litre basket and the XL has got the capacity for 1000 Litres (with a large net). These models are supplied with a section of boom that will guide the marine litter into the unit.

Each Portbin can be plugged into the mains, and the approx. power consumption is 750w and can run 24/7 on its own – only the basket needs to be emptied when full.

It has been calculated that the standard type of the Portbin tide can collect 4 litres of marine litter a day.

The Portbin tide family of products do not use a mesh, just a basket with holes in it (the XL uses a net) that will allow any marine life to swim in and out of the unit.

The Portbin tide family can be fixed in an area of the port/harbour where there is a lot of marine litter although they are normally fixed in 1 area. As an example a Portbin tide XL used in Milford Haven is placed in one area for a number of weeks before being taken out of the water and relocated to another area of the port.

Zwanny has supplied a number of Portbins into England, Scotland and Wales.

Why not get in contact with Zwanny to discuss marine litter as as they offer a number of solutions to help keep your environment clean.

Contact Zwanny on:

+44 (0)1633 968 083


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