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Leading the Way in Dry Docks and Alongside Services

Dales Marine has been servicing the shipping, oil and gas, chemical, and power generation industries for over 30 years with the full range of marine and vessel support services backed up by extensive shipping knowledge and reputable standards.

Providing specialist shipping solutions in dry dock and steelwork, maintenance and ship repair, Dales Marine is located within the major Scottish ports of Aberdeen, Leith, Greenock, Troon and Grangemouth providing access for clients 24/7, 365 days a year. Supported by Dales Marine’s dedicated teams of skilled mechanical, structural and marine engineers and installers.


Aberdeen 112m x 21m x 6.5m

Leith 70m x 12m x 6m

Greenock 200m x 21m x 4.8m

Troon 120m x 17m x 6m

Grangemouth 105m x 16m x 6m

Each dry dock is equipped to offer dry and wet working conditions with space to accommodate a range of work including routine vessel inspections, engine overhaul and replacement, bow thruster installations, propulsion shaft repairs, steering gear repairs, gearbox repairs and pump refurbishments.

The dry docks offer customers versatility and the range of work scopes supplied has included such

diverse projects as the layout of seabed scenarios in the dry dock, modelling of subsea conditions to allow divers

and ROVs to trial installations, the testing of prototype assets – wind farm foundations, tidal & wave power assets, testing of tooling or special set-up that needs a secure and safe environment, function and load testing in ‘real’ conditions and more.

Dales Marine also delivers a turnkey solution for vessel mobilisation and demobilisations covering:

• Portable onsite welding units and equipment;

• Sea fastening supply and fabrication;

• Deck board removal and replacement service;

• Paint repairs covering deck, tanks and underdeck areas;

• Tank access and certified gas freeing;

• Lifting equipment supply, i.e. beam clamps;

• Non-destructive testing (NDT) and load testing (3rd party approved);

• Vessel reinstatement works on charter completion;

• Mobile cranes (90te) with ‘man- riding’ certification.

Dales Marine is renowned for its proven ability to produce optimum results and high levels of technical skills. Over the past 30 years. The company has built up a considerable client base in the UK, Baltic countries, Europe and Scandinavia, with expansion in Faroe Islands and Iceland supporting multiple industries such as aquaculture, maritime, oil and gas and offshore renewable sectors.

+44 (0) 1224 212778

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