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Made in Britain – New Technology Advancing Lifting Safety

At Nautilus Hooks we take pride in what we do, we are a family-owned and operated small business, established to improve personal safety in lifting operations through innovation of the equipment.

We introduced new and unique safety concepts to the lifting industry with NautilusHooks™, an international award winning design that was inspired by adversity and developed from hands on experience with the specific goal of removing the user’s hands and fingers from within the hazardous hook/sling interface, thereby eliminating the common “pinch and trap” injuries associated with existing “latch-lock” type safety hooks.

Our Nautilus design with integral safety handle achieved these goals, a proven technical advance that significantly enhances personal safety in the lifting environment.

Today, we continue this ethos of innovation to advance lifting safety in the workplace, as we proudly introduce our next generation Nautilus “Double Locking” Hooks, now Made in Britain at our new production facilities the NDL hooks are industry’s most advanced safety hooks with patented technology that provides the highest level of intrinsic safety and operational integrity for safety hooks, our advanced “automatic double locking” mechanism is a unique safety device that automatically, and independently, locks on two opposing axis to effectively become a “fail-safe” lifting hook, specifically developed to meet the toughest demands of lifting operations in the hydrodynamic Offshore and Marine sectors, where lifting equipment is often subjected to abnormal forces, shock loadings and kinetic energy transfer during operations, significant contributing factors to unplanned hook openings. These are low frequency, high risk, events that are known to affect all types and brands of safety hooks as used in the Offshore sector, they generally occur through a combination of factors including, equipment wear and tear, incorrect rigging and abnormal forces acting upon the hook.

To compliment release of our advanced NDL hooks, Nautilus have relocated our supply base from the Far East back to the UK, investing in new manufacturing and production facilities, located in the “black country” UK’s heartland of steel forging forgings where our in-house production and QA controls ensure highest quality finished products befitting the advanced NDL hooks and our extended range of unique “positive locking” Subsea and ROV hooks

We are proud in the knowledge that in the industrial landscape where lifting safety, efficiency, and innovation converge one name stands out as a beacon of excellence, NautilusHooks™.

To discover more about how we’re raising safety standards and equipment performance visit our website or contact us here:

+44 (0)1384 626101


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