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Mobilis EOL Buoy

3.6m Diameter Data Navigation Buoy

The Mobilis Environment Observable Littoral (EOL) data buoy is an automatic profiler buoy originally designed to measure the impact of human activity in coastal waters. The buoy is fitted with a number of sensors that measure

water quality, including: conductivity, temperature, depth, pH, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll A and turbidity. The buoy is also fitted with a meteorological station.

The EOL buoy comprises a 3.6m diameter hull constructed from multiple-section polyethylene floats that are bolted around a central steel structure, with through-hull access for underwater instrumentation and cabling. The instrument package is automatically lowered from the buoy to the seabed and back at preset intervals with data gathered during the lowering and raising operations.

All data is transmitted to shore as well as being logged in the onboard data acquisition/telemetry unit. When the instrument package is in its raised position, it is stored within a unique electro-chlorination chamber, which automatically cleans the sensors of any biofouling.

The large tower allows technicians to undertake checks and routine maintenance of the sensors and data acquisition system within the safe confines of the tower. It also provides suitable mounting for a large solar array that recharges a battery bank, which in turn provides power for the instrument package, the data acquisition and telemetry system and,

most importantly, the winch. A multi-point mooring system is deployed to avoid entanglement of the instrumentation being lowered beneath the buoy.


✓ UV-stabilised MDPE components – retains colour within IALA guidelines for more than 15 years;

✓ Highly stable in strong currents and deep water;

✓ Modular system – reduces spares holding;

✓ Robust, compact design;

✓ Through-hull access;

✓ Automatic winch to lift and lower instrumentation;

✓ Modular solar power systems;

✓ Electro-chlorination room for automatic cleaning of sensors;

✓ Multi-point mooring system.

Tel: +44 (0)1420 520374


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