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Nautilus Hooks – A New Level of Safety

Nautilus Hooks Ltd was established (May 2022) as the groups new facilities for UK manufacture and wholesale supply of their next generation of ASME, award‑winning, NautilusHooks™.

Their mission is to advance lifting safety through Innovation, aiming to provide the safest possible lifting products for use across Industry, by eliminating inherent equipment risks to improve operational functionality and efficiency, reducing personal risks and enhancing workplace lifting Safety.

Today, Nautilus Hooks® are setting the next level of lifting workplace and personal safety, advancing the evolution of lifting hooks with next generation Nautilus “Double Locking” Hooks, the (NDL) incorporates the company’s patented “dual axis – single action - automatic double locking” technology, a unique safety innovation that sets a new industry standard for the intrinsic safety and integrity of lifting hooks. The advanced NDL hooks significantly improve the inherent integrity and operational functionality of the equipment, enhancing personal safety in your lifting operations with the assurance of compliance in providing the safest possible hardware for use in the workplace.

NDL hooks are manufactured in the “black country” UK’s industrial steel heartland and forged from high grade carbon alloy steel all NautilusHooks are CE certified and manufactured to exceed the requirements of BS/EN 1677 1-3 +A1/2008 and USA - ASME B30.10/2019 for safety lifting hooks.

NDL hooks are configured as load bearing swivel hooks and eye top variants for standard chain assemblies or wire rope “stingers” and as blank shank hooks for “fixed” swivel hook applications on crane Blocks/Sheaves or folding boom cranes, shank hooks are easily customised to suit your application and specifications, be it a “retrofit” safety initiative for factory Gantry crane or fitted as standard new crane equipment there is an NDL hook to enhance safety in your workplace lifting environment.

Email Nautilus Hooks for commercial opportunities or visit their website to learn more:

q +44 (0)1384 626101


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