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New DZR Anti-Siphon Loops

New to the ASAP range, the DZR Anti-Siphon Loops are made of a corrosive resistant brass body with a rubber check ball, giving you peace of mind for your systems that are installed below the waterline and in contact with saltwater.

ASAP have worked with Maestrini and provided them feedback which has assisted them to develop a corrosive resistant anti-siphon loop.

An anti-siphon unit is an extremely important part of a plumbing system. Their use is recommended in installations such as ‘below the waterline’ applications of engines with wet exhausts, toilet systems and pumping systems to name but a few. It will allow the water to flow only one way in the intended direction. Should the flow siphon, the vacuum will then operate the anti-siphon valve allowing air to enter the line, and thus breaking the siphoning effect.

These can be purchased as a complete kit or individual components, allowing you to custom make to your requirements. Once assembled, the kits give a complete anti-siphon device to suit 19, 25 and 32mm hose lines, all kit sizes come with a 10mm vent hose. Please check installation guidelines when changing hose connection sizes and ensure there are no flow restrictions.

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