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OZ Lifting Chain Hoists, Trolleys Lift Floating Docks

OZ Lifting Products LLC has provided two 1-ton capacity electric chain hoists and trolleys to lift floating docks, manufactured at a residential property.

The Winona, Minnesota-based manufacturer provided the equipment via distributor Global Industrial, delivering it to the end user’s yard in Seattle, Washington. The hoists and trolleys were sourced along with a 2-ton capacity, adjustable aluminum gantry crane and lifting slings.

The customer was looking for a method to lift, move and rotate 20 ft. by 8 ft. floating docks, which weigh between 600 lbs. and 1,600 lbs. He completed the material handling solution with a pair of aluminum lifting beams that he manufactured himself.

He said: “The dock sections are too big and heavy to move, even with two people. Usually, I need six people to lift a single section and I don’t have that type of manpower readily available. The overall solution has proved to be very helpful; it is super easy to raise, lower and move my dock sections – and other heavy objects – around the property.”

The hoists, operated by ergonomic pendant control, offer overload protection; a high-performance friction clutch is integrated with the load brake. Each hoist features a forged carbon steel load hook with a heavy-duty latch. The bottom hooks, meanwhile, feature a thrust bearing to allow 360-degree rotation to prevent twisting of the load chain; the top hook is rigid.

The load sheave provides better distribution of the floating dock load, and smooth lifting with reduced vibration and wear, while the precision-machined gears are heat treated for strength and durability.

Oil bath lubrication on all bearing rotating points presents the end user with quieter, smoother, and cooler operation, and 110v power (115/1/60) means the hoists can be used virtually anywhere.

The trolleys boast lightweight robust construction, and fit most I-, S-, and W-beams. They are protected by baked enamel paint and feature precision ball bearing trolley wheels, anti-drop plate, and stainless steel identification tags. All OZ products are delivered with individual test certificate and serial number.

The customer added: “I made the lifting beams from aluminum and included hooks for the lifting straps. I can use the gantry on wheels to move it around the property, but it can also transport the docks while under load. [The equipment] allows me to also upend and rotate the load.”

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