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Reduce Your Energy Consumption with Easy LED Upgrades from Glamox

As the move towards a greener future picks up pace, new regulations are pushing the shipping industry to act. By upgrading from conventional lighting to LEDs, you can achieve substantial energy savings and reduce carbon emissions in compliance with environmental goals. Norwegian industrial group Glamox is here to help.

Become EEXI compliant through energy-efficient lighting solutions You can reduce the energy consumption used on light with up to 90% only by replacing conventional lights with more efficient lighting technology. This translates to drastically reduced greenhouse gas emissions. What’s more, the latest LED technology will allow us to improve the performance and well-being of people, whether they are working in the harshest stormy weather, or they are navigating from the bridge at night.

Why upgrade to LED?

• Comply with regulations

Changing from conventional to LED lights can easily help you comply with new regulations and improve your CII rating. The significant savings achieved and short payback time makes it worth the investment.

• Improved light quality

We should never compromise on light quality. Premium LED luminaires provide better visual conditions and can reduce the risk of accidents. Moreover, the right lighting solution can improve the performance and well-being of people.

• Increase energy savings

By upgrading the existing light installation with efficient luminaires will have a positive effect on energy

consumption. It is not only economical, but it also translates to less waste and reduced GHG emissions.

• Reduce maintenance costs

LED luminaires last longer and require less maintenance than conventional lights. A higher lumen package will allow you to reduce the number of luminaires and still meet the requirements. Save time and money on maintenance with a durable solution!

Close cooperation

To make sure the delivered solution is according to customers expectations, relevant rules and regulations we believe that good communication and cooperation with our customers are important key factors for success.

How much can you save?

By upgrading to new light technology, you can save up to 90% of the energy used on light, and using less fuel to power a ship reduces operating costs. Moreover, modern lighting solutions reduce maintenance costs and last longer. To help you find the right solution we offer energy-saving calculations including how much the upgrade can increase your CII rating.

Easy replacements

With LED kits you can easily upgrade a luminaire in just a minute. Retrofitting and upgrading the light installation should be easy and fast, and can be carried out while the vessel is operating.

Many of our customers have benefitted from changing conventional to LED lighting.

You can read about their experiences at:

Same goal, different approaches There is a huge amount of LED lights available on the market today, with various characteristics and quality, made by a number of different suppliers. Therefore, it can be difficult to find the right solution that will not compromise on quality and still be cost-efficient. Glamox offers both refit solutions, LED kits and LED luminaires. We will help you find your perfect fit.

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