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SBG Systems Will Showcase, Ocean Business Trade Show, Its Solutions for Marine Application:

A full high performance inertial navigation system designed to made surveyors’ tasks easier, as well as IMU and INS fully fitted for non‑Portable Piloting Unit for Vessels.

Navsight Marine Solution

Navsight Marine consists in an Inertial Measurement Unit available at three different performance levels (from shallow to deep water), and connected to Navsight, a rugged processing unit embedding the fusion intelligence, the GNSS receiver when selected, and all connections to external equipment such as echo-sounders, sonar, etc.

Navsight Marine Solution: Built on a Proven Technology

Navsight Marine Solutions is based on 10 years of SBG Systems experience in marine inertial sensing products. The Ekinox and Apogee INS have been a huge success in the field; the company continues its efforts to offer even more performance, simplicity, robustness, and versatility to marine professionals.

Full Solution for Surveying in All Sea Conditions

Navsight Marine Solution provides high performance motion and navigation data as well as a real- time heave accurate to 5 cm, which automatically adjusts to the wave frequency. To allow surveying when wave frequencies are large or complex, Navsight comes with a delayed heave feature resulting in a heave accurate to up to 2cm computed in real-time with a little delay. If higher performance is required, the surveyor can count on SBG INS/GNSS post-processing software named Qinertia. By processing inertial and GNSS raw data forward and backward, Qinertia greatly increases accuracy especially during GNSS outages; it also fixes set up mistakes, etc.

Available as MRU, with embedded GNSS, or using your own GNSS receiver

Highly versatile, Navsight comes as a Motion Reference Unit (MRU), providing roll, pitch, and heave or as a full Navigation Solution with embedded tri-frequency GNSS receiver, or using an external one. Fusing inertial data with satellite position in real-time, Navsight INS offers a continuous position in all conditions, such as surveying under a bridge, or during a GNSS outages due to coastal infrastructures (buildings, harbor cranes, etc.)

The Navsight Marine Solution supports RTK and Marinestar Precise Positioning service. It is compatible with the main hydrographic software such as Hypack, QINSy, or Teledyne PDS for seamless integration into existing


Pulse-40 and Quanta Micro for non-Portable Piloting Units

Non-PPU for vessels provide GNSS based position with centimeter precision, speed, course, heading, rate of turn and Automatic Identification System (AIS) to vessels who navigates on high-traffic canals like Panama Canal, or Suez Canal.

With 6 degrees freedom, centimetric positioning, and a gyro bias instability ≤ 1.2°/hr, our Pulse-40 IMU and Quanta Micro GNSS-aided INS fully meet the requested specifications to be integrated on the most performing non-PPU’s of the market.

With or without embedded GNSS Depending on your design, we offer OEM solutions with or without embedded GNSS, to perfectly fit to your needs.

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