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ScaffFloat Pontoons Used by A&P Docks,Falmouth to Support Refit of Stena Ferry Ramps

ScaffFloat was asked by A&P docks, Falmouth, at very short notice, to provide two large pontoons to support the stern ramps of a Stena Ferry that was in for a refit. They would be supporting the horizontal ramps on their hinge pins to allow the hydraulics to be commissioned and tested, as well as providing access underneath.

ScaffFloat mobilised two 16m x 6.4m pontoons, each with 8 x 750mm Apollo longitudinal beams and transverse 450mm custom-made 450mm beams. On the deck of the pontoons, 20ft containers were used with steel packers to support the ramps at the correct height, this created a 20t single-point load (well, over a 2.5m span) in the middle of the pontoon. Before the job started a floating test was completed using a weighted scrap metal bin weighing 20t.

Toby Budd, Founder and Managing Director of ScaffFloat said “When we started ScaffFloat I remember thinking 1t was a big payload, now we have a number of jobs in this 20-30t category and others in the pipeline over this. It is great to see the system evolving organically like this as it proves itself out in the real world, solving problems and getting stuff done.”

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