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Seized Nut? Enerpac Has a Splitter For That

Hydraulic Nut Splitters from Enerpac are ideal for removing seized and corroded nuts, eradicating the need for unsafe grinding and flame cutting. With 21 tools in all, the efficiency, durability, and ergonomic design of the nut splitters gives maintenance engineers the ability to remove the toughest seized nuts.

The Enerpac nut splitter portfolio includes NC Series Nut Cutter, NSH Series Nut Splitter and NSPH Series Nut Splitter Power Head tools. When it comes to efficiency, the tools have an optimised cutting head geometry ideal for the industry application. For example, the Enerpac NSH and NSPH Series tools are designed for the oil and gas market and the cutting heads specially designed to tackle bolted pipeline flange joints. Another efficient feature is the dual blade design found on several models. As nuts can be split from two sides in one action, this saves the operator valuable time.

For enhanced durability, the tools are heat treated and shock resistant to withstand minor impacts without damage. Durability includes features such as heavy duty, steel chisels that can be reground as needed, models with a drop-tested revolving anchor point, and models that can tackle nuts with up to a max HRC 44 hardness.

Operators will appreciate the ergonomic design. An angled head and ergonomically designed and positioned handle makes the tool easy to work with and manoeuvre. Several models also feature an easy-to-use compact design.

To learn more about the latest Enerpac Nut Splitting tools, visit their website:


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