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Solar Solve Supplies Worlds Largest Ethane Gas Carrier

November 2020 is expected to see the handover of PANG TIAN, the world’s largest VLEC (Very Large Ethane Carrier). The prototype vessel is the first of three that are under construction at South Korean shipyard Hyundai

Heavy Industries (HHI) in Busan, having been ordered by China’s Zhejiang Satellite Petrochemical, who will lease

them from Malaysian owners MISC, under charter for a period of 15 years. The other two ships are PANG XIN and XIN REN. All 3 are due to be delivered within a couple of months of each other.

Once again, the team at South Shields based marine equipment manufacturer Solar Solve Marine, are pleased to be involved with yet another world record breaking vessel.

PANG TAN and its two sister ships, will all be delivered to their owners, with SOLASAFE® roller sunscreens installed at all 20 windows on the navigation bridge. When in use, the screens will act as a navigation safety aid, protecting the ship’s personnel from solar glare, infra-red heat and ultra violet light, creating a safer and more comfortable working environment.

All three 62,367dwt VLEC’s will be 230m long, 36.5m beam and have a 22.4m depth; the engines will be 21,563 horse power and the gas cargo capacity 96,040 cu.m. Each vessel will cost $122m.

John Lightfoot, MBE, Solar Solve Marine’s Chairman commented, “Apparently ethane is seen to have a good future in global choice of cleaner fuels and whilst ship builders have been constructing general liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carriers for a few decades now, these vessels are specially designed to carry ethane gas cargoes.”

John continued, “Like most countries, South Korea has and is continuing to, suffer from Coronavirus and its fallout. It speaks volumes for the people, the South Korean nation and in this case, those allied to shipbuilding, that they are managing to get most vessels delivered on, or before, their scheduled delivery dates.”

"Naturally the Solar Solve team here in South Shields are justly proud to have done our part in helping to make it happen."

Full details of Solar Solve Marine and its product range are available from the company website.

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