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Spillkits for UK Marina

Zwanny Ltd is an independent, family run company with many years of experience in the pollution industry. They stock and supply ABSORBENTS, SPILLKITS, OIL SKIMMERS OIL BOOMS and PORTBINS and provide a total waste management service that includes spill clean up.

Zwanny’s aim is to make the environment a better place and they cover the whole of the UK.

One of the major marina's in the South of England needed to have a number of spillkits spread around the marina, to deal with any possible spill.

Prior to Zwanny supplying the kits, a visit was made and a number of options were discussed. The end result was a custom build of the spillkits to meet the marina demand.

Zwanny delivered 1,100 litre spill kits with drop front lids which will make it easy to get to any product in the spill kit. Some of the vessels that the marina receive are 42m long and if anything were to go wrong the absorbents in the spillkit will be able to cope with the spill.

Zwanny‑ltd would be happy to discuss your spill kit requirements, as they have a wide range of products to be able to supply the correct solution for your application.

+44 (0)1633 968086


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