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The Zwanny Team Takes Marine Absorbents To The Next Level!!

In the Zwanny range of marine absorbents there is a new absorbent on the block, and in the Zwanny range: This is The Spill Boa.

The spill boa is a rapid response absorbent boom to clean up oil spills on land or water. This absorbent takes up less space in transportation or storage than alternatives. See the example in image 1 – the same amount of boom in the same truck, showing far less storage space, see image 1.

The Spill bao can be more effective due to its flat profile that would be in contact with the spilled area and on land would prevent liquid seeping underneath the boom, see image 2.

The Spill boa has got layered sheets inside the boom that will allow for a quicker absorption of hydrocarbons or other oils.(not suitable for use with acids or caustic liquids).

The Spill boa also has clips to connect more sections to each other. The product is designed as a first and quick response absorbent product and being in a rolled format the boom can be rolled out on a spill making it 40 times faster to deploy.

“At Zwanny we see the Spill Boa as a great tool to have in your companies spill equipment response stock and we do believe it is an ideal product for harbours, ports, marina’s or even a spill responder. There are a number of UK ports that have taken this product in their oil spill response equipment and even a major UK ports has placed their second order as the Spill boa is working so well.” Said Marc Van der Zwan, Managing Director.

At Zwanny, the Spill Boa is a stock item and can normally can be supplied in a number of days.

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