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Where the Western Approaches Meet the English Channel:

Where the Western Approaches Meet the English Channel:

What is exciting about Penzance Dry Dock in Cornwall, is that it is a hybrid of old and new. It is a site of historical significance, steeped in maritime history, but it is also an up-and-coming company at the forefront of new industrial developments.

Penzance dry dock has been described as a master of maritime arts since 1815. Sadly, the industrial decline in the late ’90s had an enormous impact on the repair and shipbuilding sectors, especially in Cornwall where tourism is the biggest sector.

The site was saved from redevelopment in July 2021 by an up-and-coming engineering company, Linked Solutions. Ambitious plans for growth and rejuvenation are already under way, including the launch of the Penzance Dry Dock Skills Academy which saw the first apprentices on site for over 25 years.

With back-to-back projects, they are bringing significant economic growth to the area, creating more highly paid jobs, and stimulating local businesses.

The horizon looks bright for Penzance Dry Dock as they look to futureproof the facilities.

There are six operational sites where they build, repair, refit, and convert everything from Fishing Boats to Passenger Ferries to Superyachts up to seventy-five meters in length in the Dry Dock and can accommodate larger vessels.

As well as reviving the ship repair market and repurposing the facility to meet the demands of the shipbuilding market, the Penzance Dry Dock team is poised to be a key player in the UK Offshore Renewable boom.

Strategically located on the south coast, Penzance Dry Dock is one of the shipyards that will support the operation and maintenance of the Offshore Floating Wind Farms in the Celtic Sea. Penzance Dry Dock is constantly growing and diversifying to meet the needs of the market, offering eco hybrids and alternative propulsion systems on their new build vessels, and can retrofit to older vessels.

The revitalization of the shipyard’s operations, is having a positive impact the local economy and community, and Penzance Dry Dock is becoming a driving force in maritime industry.

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