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Zwanny MK8 Boom

At Zwanny Ltd even in the time of the lockdowns they have been busy with the supply of pollution equipment to a number of sections of industry. One of the recent products in high demand is the Lamor MK8 boom supplied by Zwanny to clients in Gent and a fuel terminal in Antwerp. Both clients required over 100m of the MK8 boom.

The reason that these two clients purchased the MK8 is that the boom is a good all rounder to use in many applications and is very easy to use.

The boom applications can be in an port environment which are not only oil terminals but can also be used in docks or powerstations cooling water intakes.

In addition to saltwater applications, it is important not to forget to mention fresh water applications for rivers or canals or even water treatment sites. The MK8 can be used as a permanent boom due to its long life span.

What makes the MK8 special and a great piece of boom is that it is manufactured from strong PVC coated belting fabric together with durable polyethylene floats. The floats will never fill up with water or sink as each float is made from solid molded closed cell polyethylene foam that is pressed at high temperature to form the outerskin incorporating a unique splash guard handle.

The boom has got marine growth inhibitors and are fully UV resistant. For the ballast the boom is equipped with galvanized steel ballest weights. The boom can be supplied in custom build sections with ASTM F962 as standard connector plates and the boom can also withstand impacts of heavy debris.

Why not contact Zwanny to discuss your boom application as they have the know how!

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