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Multi role vessel STOUR is currently on charter to commercial diving contractors Seawork marine services (SMS), for diving works at Selsey Bill, on the UK’s south coast.

SMS are working for the RNLI to remove seabed obstructions in the vicinity of the Selsey Bill life boat station, for fear of damaging the lifeboats.

The former Selsey Pier was demolished some years ago, and the debris left on the seabed. SMS selected the multirole vessel STOUR for her generous deck area, able to accommodate both the dive container and equipment, as well as the large concrete debris from the pier, totaling up to 75t of deck cargo.

In addition, the 65t/m deck crane has proved essential for lifting the large concrete sections (up to 8t each) from the seabed on to the deck, and unloading them to shore.

STOUR has been based from Haslar Marina in Gosport, just inside the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour, from where she has steamed out and back to Selsey Bill each day. Positioning on site is achieved using the vessel’s two self-elevating spud legs, which can be remotely operated by the master from the wheelhouse, and take only a minute to secure in position – maximising dive time on site.

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