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Sabik Ltd and Hydrosphere UK Ltd have agreed on a partnership for sales and marketing of marine aids-to-navigation solutions in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Partner meeting in Sabik Marine premises, Porvoo Finland in October 2017. Persons from the left: Jeff Gibson (Hydrosphere), Alan Tassell (Sabik), Andy Reid (Hydrosphere), John Caskey (Hydrosphere), Lars Mansner (Sabik), Nick Sims (Sabik).

Background for this partnership is the Carmanah acquisition of Vega Industries earlier this year and adding Vega to Carmanah’s Marine Division which is led by Sabik Marine.

Hydrosphere has a long history of being Vega’s distributor in the UK market and now this new partnership enables Hydrosphere to offer clients an even wider range of products and services; the whole combined brand portfolio of Sabik Marine: Sabik, Carmanah, Ekta and Vega.

“We’re pleased to now offer a complete range of products with the new partnership and look forward to working with Sabik to enhance the customer experience from tender all the way through to after-sale support” states John Caskey, Managing Director of Hydrosphere.

Nick Sims, Head of Sales from Sabik Ltd, UK continues “Together with Hydrosphere we are stronger than ever in the UK aids-to-navigation market and we look forward to serving our customers with more resources and expertise than ever before”.

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