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Dales Marine Services Drydocking News

Dales Marine Services continue to set the pace for efficient vessel drydocking, and this well demonstrated not only by recent activity, but also with the impressive 24 confirmed bookings made by ferry operator Caledonian MacBrayne for the forthcoming season – typically running from September to April. Most of the CalMac vessels in this annual refit programme will be docked at Dales Marine’s dry docks at Greenock or Troon on west coast of Scotland, with 2 vessels using Dales Marine’s dry docks on east coast – Aberdeen Leith.

Since forming in 1987 the Company’s services have of course been enjoyed by many of the vessel owners/operators servicing the offshore energy sector, and in this sector Dales Marine have reached out to clients working across the whole of the North Sea basin, and to those clients working in the more recently developed areas such as West of Shetland .

Such is Dales Marine’s capability and reach, that it continues to attract new business from other marine sectors, and is already making a big impression on the aquaculture sector where impressive fleets of modern well boats are now operating. These, now technologically advance well boats, are used to transport live fish in modern fish‑farming, both out to the sea-cages, and from the cages to the processing plants. Dales Marine’s clients in this sector are mainly Norwegian based with international operations – another testament to Dales Marine’s capability and reach.

One recent example of this is service and repair work carried out for their Norwegian client Solvtrans on Ronja Commander - a well boat designed for live fish transportation. This vessel initially docked at Dales Marine Troon for hull cleaning and painting, and then to wet berth at Dales Greenock for various works including stainless steel cargo pipe modifications, steelwork repairs, hydraulic works, and for electronic navigation equipment- survey and repairs.

Looking to near term future, Dales Marine Services are confident of expanding their reach further. Their drydock facilities are well‑placed for this, and recent activity in period to mid-July includes:


  • Vos Fairness (50m Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel (EERV)): Scheduled docking – for a full wash & paint. Plus an overhaul of her Caterpillar engines, rudder upgrades, tail shaft seal renewal and general mechanical overhaul including the pumps and valves;

  • Grampian Freedom (58m EERV): First scheduled dry docking for this vessel – receiving a full wash & paint. Also getting the main propeller pod seal renewal, thruster seal renewal, blast and recoat 2 ballast water tanks and a general mechanical overhaul;

  • KL Brisfjord (94m Offshore Supply Vessel): Docked for steelwork upgrades on box cooler.


  • SD Oronsay (Serco personnel transfer vessel): This was an annual docking due to PC requirements. The underwater hull was Ultra High Pressure (UHP) blasted to bare steel and new coatings applied. The PME entablisher was cracked, so the engine was removed through the side shell for Lloyds approved repairs and then refitted. Also standard docking works were carried out on valve overhauls, anodes, lightship checks/survey, rudder jumps/clearances, electrical checks and cabin upgrades;

  • SD Jupiter (Serco STAN 2608 Class tug): Standard docking works were carried out, although both main propulsion shafts and couplings were sent to Marine Shaft in Denmark for repairs due to corrosion. The work carried out included hull painting, valves overhauled, anodes replaced, coolers removed cleaned and tested. As well as electrical inspection and testing;

  • Strandway Boskalis (92m Suction Dredger): Docked for various works – Including a hull wash and paint, the dredge pipes were removed and replaced, hopper cargo hold grit blasted and coated with hopper gun method, a divisional bulkhead was fitted into the cargo hopper. 19 box coolers were removed, cleaned and pressure tested as well as pipework modifications and hull steelwork repairs.


  • Roseberry Cross (Tug built in 1989): Scheduled docking. A full underwater UHP Blast and repaint. Propulsion and Steering (P&S) Voith unit blade removal and seal changes. The aft Winch removed for full overhaul by the supplier. As well as replacement of the Tyre fendering at the aft end;

  • Vos Victory (Standby Safety Vessel): Planned P&S propellers change. Additional work also carried out on the underwater valves and echo sounder replacement.

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