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ASAP Supplies Adds Raptor Marine Coatings to Their Range

ASAP has expanded its range of marine coatings for above waterline applications with the addition of Raptor Marine from U-POL.

Raptor’s latest addition is their high-quality Polyurethane coating which has been specifically designed for durability and ease of use, making this an ideal addition to ASAP’s range as it is suitable for all types of vessels, especially those which require a product that will stand up to the harsher elements and working environments. Moreover, ASAP believes that Raptor offers many extra benefits to the end user and professionals over existing products in the market.

Due to its strong adhesion properties, it can be directly applied to substrates in many cases, making the preparation and coating process much faster and simpler, particularly as it offers a significantly faster drying time between coats. Professional users are also no longer required to keep several litres of different colours in stock, as the product can be customised using a colour tint or suitable gel coat pigment. For added safety, a slip resistant additive can be added to the bottle kits which is very simple to use.

U-POL Raptor products have been widely used in the marine market for over 75 years and their kits are widely recognised among other industries for their protective coatings. Their large following is testament to the quality of their products.

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