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Further Portbin Tide for a Number of UK Ports

Zwanny’s (SpillTech) stationary collector for floating waste in ports is in demand.

The feedback Zwanny have had form a number of ports in the UK has been all very positive, as people can see that The Portbin tide is a single package, with no frame or cradle required to hold up the unit in the water. The Portbin includes a number of settings to adjust the correct level to have the unit operating in to suits it’s location.

With current clean-ups taking place in fishing ports and applications for government grants for further port improvements – the Portbin tide is an ideal product not only to collect fast food packaging but also plastics and bits of nylon rope, netting, plastics etc..

The standard Portbin tide uses a basket and no net. The advantage of this method is that nets need to be replaced more regularly and will also catch and harm marine life. With the basket in place any marine life can swim in and out of the unit. The Portbin tide has got a mounted non inflatable boom attached that will guide the floating trash into the unit.

The Portbin tide has got three different units. PortBin tide shallow, PortBin tide, and the big brother the PortBin XL. The XL being the only unit not to have/require a guide boom.

Zwanny has supplied the Portbin tide to a number of ports in Scotland, England and Wales. Only recently after great success with the Portbin Tide used in part of a Welsh Port they now have got their first Portbin Tide XL that is going to be used in the fishing boat area of the port.

Each unit is fitted with a pump that can run 24/7 and the unit is fully electrically operated and can be fed from the mains. The standard Portbins will have a 30 litre basket for the collection of waste and is easy to empty by hand as the XL will come with a 1000 litre waste net (with large holes to release marine life) to collect the waste, for which a small crane is needed to handle.

Why not contact Zwanny to discuss how the PortBin can be of use to you? Or see Zwanny at their stand at Seawork, number G77. They will be displaying a Portbin on their stand and could be yours…!

+44 (0)1633 968086


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