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Investment in Nottingham Increases Capacity and Improves Customer Service!

Hydroscand recently installed a new production line at their Nottingham branch which is now fully operational.

Jason Byrne, Branch Manager and Deb Wardle, Assistant Branch Manager at Hydroscand’s Nottingham branch, explain why they needed a new production line. for hoses up to 4" diameter. We also installed a new turntable and crane lift.

“There was a lot of electrical work that needed to be installed, to enable both 240v and three phase machines to work, as well as a new extractor system. All machines and electrics were in place after about six weeks.”

“As our business has grown considerably over the past 12 months. It became apparent that to continue to provide our excellent levels of customer service and efficiency, we would need to invest in restructuring our team and equipment.

“We decided that the most suitable long-term solution would be to create a space, within the right-hand side of the warehouse. This would allow us to install an additional production area, that could be used solely to produce hose kits and hose assemblies for our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers.”

Once the area had been identified, the products and racking were cleared to give a blank canvas to work with. The necessary machines and equipment were then ordered.

“Over the course of the next 2-3 weeks, we had many exciting deliveries that arrived. These included: two new cutters, plenty of hose rail and stands to create the two production lines, a H120 swaging machine and a brand new H60 swaging machine, with a 350-ton crimping force.

The decision was made to paint the floor to finish off the new install. The team applied three coats of Epoxy Floor Paint over a weekend.

“Once this was cured, we were able to create areas for components, kitting and completed orders prior to shipment. After 8 weeks we were finally set to make use of this fantastic new investment.

“The introduction of the lines has meant that we can use the equipment in the branch area purely for our walk-in customers at the trade counter, meaning that we can provide a fast, efficient and uninterrupted service.

“The production side of the business has continued to grow, and the new dedicated lines have been in constant use every working day since being installed.”

Jason added: “It has made the process of making hoses and hose kits faster and more efficient.”

Rebecca Galley, Managing Director added, “It has been great to work with the team on this project. They have identified the need for dedicated production space and designed the solution themselves. The new facility gives more than double the capacity we had previously as well as meaning we can work safely and efficiently to serve our customers. Well done to everyone involved!”

If you are looking for regular hose assemblies and kits, get in touch with Hydroscand here:

0115 978 9759


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